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Trollull is one of Europe's most popular brands of steel wool and is known for its perfect cleaning, grinding and polishing properties.

Stove Glass Cleaner

The first dry cleaning pad for all stove glass. Clean any stove glass fast and scratch free guaranteed! Find out more.

BBQ & Oven PowerPads

Cuts through toughest messes. Effortlessly cleans garden barbeque grills, camping grills and tongs!! Find out more.

Stove Glass Cleaners




Glass Cleaner

Scratch-free glass cleaner for professionals. Removes paint and dirt from window glass and tiles. Find out more.


An innovative dual action cleaning product for all glass ceramic hobs, scratch free guaranteed! Find out more.

Glass Cleaner Cerabrite

The TROLLULL brand name is a buzz word from Norway, where this brand originated.

TROLLULL is a combination of "TROLL" - a well-known mythological figure in Norway, which still graces every package in the form of a cute figure - and the word "ULL" for wool. Today, TROLLULL is a synonym for steel wool as an effective, uncomplicated and inexpensive product that guarantees optimum results in surface finishing.


Premium Quality

"Guaranteed Premium Quality" is the principle to which we are committed.
This includes the uncompromising use of high-quality steel wool wire and processing on modern steel wool machines using first-class precision tools.

TROLLULL Premium Quality Steel Wool is produced in a special procedure with a water-based emulsion. The steel wool is highly-elastic and has extremely sharp metal strings with an unequalled effect on surfaces. Unlike "dry" steel wool or steel wool produced using oil, TROLLULL Premium Quality Steel Wool is less susceptible to dust and rust and guarantees more flexibility and more effectiveness. Click here to order.

New Glass Cleaner

Effortlessly removes paint and varnish splatter from windows and tiles.